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Updated 02APR14
Available Cats

Our Adorable Adults

Many of our adult cats are abandoned house cats who don't understand why they are now homeless. All are one or more years old - and all have been spayed or neutered, tested negative for both FelV and FIV, and are current on their vaccinations. Unlike kittens ("works in progress"), the individual personalities of these wonderful adults are well known and their caregiver can tell you all about their likes (and dislikes). Please consider giving one of these deserving adult cats their real, "forever" home.

(Click on the cat's name or photo for more detail and contact information)

Cat & Kitten Adoptions
Name Breed/Description Sex Born Personality Summary
Anthony Anthony
DSH Gray/White M 2012 Longing to have a home of his own, where he can enjoy LOTS of laptime!
Persia Persia DSH White F 4/2013 Yoga, purring, being petted, eating, playing, and gymnastics, (especially back-flips) are some of my favorite pastimes.
Sylvie Sylvie DSH Gray F 9/25/11 Sylvie is an exquisite grey short hair cat with piercing green eyes. She loves chin scratches and likes to hang out with you and watch a movie and curl up on the end of your bed at night.
Caleb Caleb DSH Black M 2011 He's One Cool Cat! Personality Plus!
Greyson Greyson DSH Russion Blue Mix M 1/2011 A really sweet guy. Ready to give love!
Lady Copperfield Lady Copperfield DSH Orange Tabby F 2012 Begs for attention! Wants petting, lap-sitting, any show of affection will do! She talks you to distraction - a soft, purry little meow so hard to resist...
Mandy Mandy DSH/Black and White F 7/2011 She has such a glowing personality. The most affectionate cat ever! Playful like a kitten.
Cocoa Puff Cocoa Puff DLH; Chocolate Brown F 2008 A VERY distinctive-looking kitty, and as sweet as can be.
DSH; Black w/White F 2012 Striking looks, super affectionate!
Yoda DSH; White w/Black M 2012
Stripes DSH; Brown Mack. Tabby M 2005 Older playboy seeks a loving lap! "Stripes" is mellow, sweet and gets along with everyone.
DSH White F 4/2012 Sweet and talkative
DSH Blue Pt Siamese F 4/2012 Purebred needing rehoming
DSH; DrkBrown/Grey tabby M 5/2012 Shy, loving, and very, very sweet
Stewart DSH; Tuxedo M 6/2011
DSH; Orange Tabby M 4/2012 Very playful; very interactive; rolls over at the drop of a hat to have his very cute tummy scratched!
DSH; Orange Tabby M 2002 Loving, sweet, very easy to be around!
DLH; Maine Coon mix M 05/2009 Incredibly sweet; a lap kitty par excellance!
Thumbnail Picture Molly DSH Black F 6/2012 Playful, active lovebugs!
Thumbnail Picture Misty DLH Black F 6/2012
Thumbnail Picture Sampson DLH Black M 4/2012
DLH White M 2005 The perfect companion kitty!
Black Angora F 08/2011 Gorgeous, Elegant, Sweet and Smart... And she gets along with EVERYBODY!!
Thumbnail Picture Claude DSH-Lt Orange Tabby M 07/2012 Starving... for attention! Both of these cats love a lap and are not a bit shy. Claude will greet you at the door every day!
Thumbnail Picture Lovey DSH-Tortie F 8/2011
Thumbnail Picture Squeakie DSH, black/white F 2008 The squeaky wheel of our bunch... And boy, does she gets her oil! So talkative, pretty and affectionate, who could resist her?
Thumbnail Picture Eva
Russ. Blue mix F 5/22/11 Most congenial and fun little girl you've ever met! Loves dogs, cats, people! The center of attraction...
Gentle Ben Gentle Ben
DSH Pure Grey M 01/2008 Gentle Ben is the most loving kitty who will charm you with his good looks and how much he loves to be with people.
Thumbnail Picture Seal
DSH Seal Point Siamese M 2010 Chocolate tipped beauty who loves to talk and purr
Thumbnail Picture Mac
DSH Black M 2009 This sweetie was declawed and will need to be indoor only.
Thumbnail Picture Olivia DSH Orange Tabby F 2007 A real snuggler.
Thumbnail Picture Jilly Jelly
DSH Dilute Calico and White F 2008 Sweet, affectioate lap kitty
Thumbnail Picture Roscoe
DSH-Brown/white tabby M 4/2011 These social climbers are adorable year old brothers looking to move up to a forever home.
Thumbnail Picture Charlie DSH-Brown/white tabby M 4/2011
Thumbnail Picture Tuey
DSH Calico and White F 01/2008 Cuddle Muffin and Playful Kitty Extraordinaire!
Thumbnail Picture Rascal DSH/Russian Blue look M 5/2010 Sweet, mischievous, playful brothers - the purrfect duo!
Thumbnail Picture Squeaks DSH/ Russian Blue look M 5/2010
Thumbnail Picture Tuna DSH Grey M 2004 Big sweetheart, very playfyul
DSH Sealpoint Siamese mix M 6/2009 Siamese-speaking boy doesn't let a little handicap slow him down!
Thumbnail Picture Sienna
DMH Tabby F 5/2009 Shy but sweet, playful and affectionate
Thumbnail Picture Lucy DSH Black F 5/2009
Thumbnail Picture Storm
DSH/Grey with white M 5/2008 A sweet talker who loves to be loved!
DMH Tiger Tabby F 06/2008 Very active and alert; loves to play!
Princess DMH Gray& White Tabby F 06/2008
Izzy DMH Gray& WhiteTabby M 06/2008
Thumbnail Picture Leila DMH Brown Tabby F 5/2008 Will play with anything she can get her paws on, very sweet and loveable
Thumbnail Picture Cowgirl
DSH Black & White F 2003 Beautiful markings, sweet and calm
Thumbnail Picture Sophie DSH Calico F 2008 Beautiful bright colored, energetic and playful young cat
Thumbnail Picture Ellie DSH Calico F 2006 BIG Beautiful Girl
Thumbnail Picture Felix DMH Black&White M 2004 I am a very personable kitty and will make myself right at home.
Dickens DSH/beautiful white M 01/2006 Funny, energetic, sweet and a real charmer, that is Dickens!
DSH/Black M 11/2004 Earnest is a loving and outgoing family cat. He loves to be around people and is playful with both cats and dogs.
Grayson DSH Russian Blue mix M 11/2005 Endearing, quiet, sweet, loving, playful
Anya DMH Gray with green eyes F 10/2007 Shy, but playful; a bit of a talker
DHC/medium hair black F 06/2007 "I'm playful, sweet and shy. I need a calm and loving home"
Brit SH mix, grey/wh F 09/2005 This very talkative little girl just CRAVES human company! She isn't too fond of other felines, though.
Kit-Kat Kit-Kat DSH/Black M 06/2006 Alert, active, love to play, typical "bouncing off the wall" energy, very affectionate, will seek out affection, purr kitties!!!
Tom DSH Black M 05-11-2006 Sweet, quiet and affectionate
Telice DSH Gray M 05-01-2006 A sensitive kitty
Thumbnail Picture Cinderella Black/white DSH F 05-14-2006 Very loving, gentle kitten who is great with children, cats, and dogs
Buddy DSH White/Tan Spots M 06/2005 Sweet, submissive
Corey DLH Black M 04/2005 Soft and cudly, curious and playful
Tuxedo - DLH M 2003 A lovebug who loves to be loved! Will roll over on his tummy when you reach down to pet him.
Big Boy Long-hair tabby M 2002 A big lovebug! Very mellow with humans; loves to be held; can be aggressive toward other cats
Thumbnail Picture Beauford Domestic Medium Length M 04-15-2005 Sweet, loving, playful kittens who are great with other cats and have been exposed to dogs and children.
Thumbnail Picture Dutson Domestic Medium Length M 04-15-2005
Click for larger photo and more information Zana Tortie-point Siamese X F 2001 I know I'm beautiful
Thumbnail Picture Cheri DSH Gray & White F 11/2003 Affectionate, easy going cat enjoys being with people.
Thumbnail Picture Elliot sh white w/tabby spots M 07/2002 High-Energy, kitten-like, affectionate, busy, playful, very cute
Thumbnail Picture Shirley Ann DSH/brown tabby w/white F ~1999 Friendly & gentle